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Products Name: Refrigerant Gas Charging Hose


R12,R22,R502 Refrigerant Standard

Working pressure:500PSI,Burst pressure:2500PSI.
IC-R336RYB:3pcs of 36" length hoses,
IC-R360RYB:3pcs of 60" length hoses,
IC-R372RYB:3pcs of 72" length hoses

IC-R396RYB:3pcs of 96" length hoses

R134A Refrigerant Standard

Working pressure:600PSI,Burst pressure:3000PSI.
IC-R336RYB-A:3pcs of 36" length hoses,
IC-R360RYB-A:3pcs of 60" length hoses,
IC-R372RYB-A:3pcs of 72" length hoses.

IC-R372RYB-A:3pcs of 96" length hoses

R410A Refrigerant Standard

Working pressure:800PSI,Burst pressure:4000PSI.
IC-R336RYB-S:3pcs of 36" length hoses,
IC-R360RYB-S:3pcs of 60" length hoses,
IC-R372RYB-S:3pcs of 72" length hoses.

IC-R396RYB-S:3pcs of 96" length hoses

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