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Oil Separator 
Effect ion

Refrigeration compressor is using preparation oil of the crankcase or engine body’s circling to lubricate . When the compressor works , the refrigerant and the oil is hot , the compressed refrigerant is vapor into a mixture , and leaves the compressor . The low-volume oil by the circling won’t take any influence on the performance of the system . But , too many circling oil will disturb the flow controller , evaporator , condenser and the drier filter’s operation .

In some low-temperature device , the refrigant oil will turn dense , and it is difficult to flow out from the evaporator . If the refrigerant oil accumulated in the evaporator , it will take influence on the benefit of the evaporator , and cause the troubles of the compressor .

It will install an oil separator between the compressor and condenser to will protect the refrigerant system . Using the oil separator will keep a right oil level inside the compressor , reduce the oil’s liquid collision , and add the evaporator . All the benefit will reduce the electrical cost of system .


The mixture of the refrigerant and oil , which comes from the compressor , will enter the oil separator’s inlet . The mixture will through a drier filter , baffle and block device , and the pinpoint of the oil will gathered , and fall down to the bottom of separator . The refrigerant gas will pass through the drier filter’s outlet , and separate the remained oil pinpoints , then it will enter into the condenser in oil less status . The refrigerant oil will be gathered at the bottom of the oil separator , to a certain degree , a needle valve which operated by a floating ball , will opened automatically , let the oil return to the compressor . Because of the pressure in the oil separator is higher than the crankcase , so the oil will return to the compressor very quickly . When the oil level falls down , the needle valve will be closed to prevent the refrigerant gas return to the compressor .

Technical Datas :

Refrigerant : CFC , HCFC , HFC
MAX working Pressure : 3.5 Mpa .
Medium temperature : -40 to + 120℃   
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