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Products Name: Core Depressor Valve

Core Depressor Valve

IC-CDV01 FOR R22 R404A R407c R134A 1/4"M-1/4"FM

IC-CDV02 FOR R410A R32 1/4"M-5/16"FM

IC-CDV03 FOR R410A R32 5/16"M-5/16"FM

Controls refrigerant flow from access fitting

Large thumb screw core depressor with back seat hold gas in hose

1). Closes Schrader before disconnecting

2). Back seat valve feature to retain gas in hose when disconnecting

3). 5/16" Female fl. x 1/4" Male fl.OR 1/4" Female fl.x 1/4" Male Fl

4). 800-4000 PSI working pressure

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