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Products Name: Ball Valve Tool IC-VC Series

1/4" 4—1N一1 Ball Valve Tool for vacuum,charge,cores and recovery

Remove and replace Schrader cores without losing charge

2.Vacuum valve.Extra 1/4"side port on VC12 to attach electronic micron vacuum gauge right at system for greater accuracy.
3.Core removal access.Lets you evacuate and charge through an unrestricted line for increased speed and higher vacuum.
4.Core replacement
5.Recovery valve.Core removal allows recovery unit to work at maximum efficiency,speeding the recovery process

5/16" 4-IN-1 Ball Valve Tool for R-410a systems with 5/16" access ports

Similar to the 4-in-1 core tool above but with 5/16" flare fittings and for use with R-410a.

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