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Products Name: Refrigeration Charging Hose Set W/Ball Valve IC-RYB/SV

Red, Yellow & Blue hose set.
Each Hose is 36 "/ 60" / 72 "Long and has a Ball Valve on one end.
1/4 "straight x 1/4" 45 Degree Angle Fittings.
* Full size Brass Nuts.
Adjustable Valve opener.
Ball Valves on one end.
4000 psi minimum burst and 800 psi maximum working pressure mean a 5 to 1 saftey factor.
Specially rubber tube resists formulado Most refrigerants and assures long work life.
Blow-off groove channels refrigerant out of the front of the nut to help Prevent spray back.
Hose cover pin-pricked to resist bubbling and bursting.
Each hose is Color coded for your conveince.

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