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Products Name: Propane / Mapp Welding Hand Torch IC-1

Welding Torches IC-1
· Safe, reliable, easy to handle.
· Hand-lighting, wide range of temperature control, rapid temperature rising,
the highest welding/brazing temperature can reach 1350 degrees Celsius.
· Tip swivels 360º, suitable for welding in complex environment.
· Using a single industrial gas MAPP Gas or Propane, and the design of combustion-supporting of the oxygen of air.
· Being portable, the G.W.of the MAPP gas is 890G, IC-1 is 430G.
· The full burning time of a bottle of MAPP gas: nearly 2hours and 40mins.
· Suitable for welding copper pipes, aluminum tubes, and copper pipes with aluminum tubes in refrigeration field,
High & low voltage electricity, Express highway, Fridge, Air-condition, Hardware, Maintenance of equipment, and etc.
· Low in fuel consumption , long lasting service life, simple to disassemble and easy to maintain, spare parts and accessories provided.

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